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Switzer flow switches / indicators are versatile instruments designed suitable for different pipe sizes with sensors such as Paddle, Piston, Valve disc to handle any fluid. Delta tube, multi port averaging Pitot Tube flow element, is an excellent device which provides stable differential pressure output. Delta Tube has low installation and operating costs which is a major factor in large diameter piping and results in energy savings and years of trouble-free operation


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Paddle Type


•Models AM / BM / CM

•SS Paddle with Bellows Seal

•Body & Bellows Brass + Ph.Bronze or SS

•Line Size 5 to 300 mm NB

•Actuation Limits 3 to 3600 L / Min

•Switching Accuracy 2%

•Snap acting micro switch - One or Two

•Weatherproof Engineering Plastic / Aluminium or Flame proof Aluminium enclosures

•Model AM is for Air flow in ducts only - Actuation can be set between 2 to 9 Mtrs. / sec




PADDLE TYPE - Fire Fighting – Sprinkler application





•Models SM

•Large flexible paddle (HDPE)

•Brass body

•Line Size 50 to 150 mm NB

•Actuation Limits 15 to 40 L / Min

•Time Delay 60 Sec. adjustable

•Max. Working Pr. 15 bar

•Snap acting micro switch

•Switching Accuracy 2%

•Engineering Plastic IP : 65 enclosure





Piston & Magnet


•Models HR

•SS Piston with Barium Ferrite Magnet

•Body SS or Brass

•Line Size 8 to 80 mm

•Actuation Limits 0.5 to 500 L / Min.

•Max. Working Pr. 100 bar

•Snap acting Micro switch or Reed switch

•Switching Accuracy 2%

•Engineering Plastic IP : 55 enclosure

•Application Liquids only (viscosity up to 220 cst)






•Model PM

•SS Paddle

•Body Brass or SS

•Line Size 10 to 50 mm

•Actuation Limits 2 to 53 L / Min.(Narrow Adjustability)

•Max. Working Pr. 16 bar

•Snap acting micro switch

•Engineering Plastic IP : 55 enclosur

•Application - Liquids only





•Models FM

•Brass Piston and Body/li>

•Line Size 8 to 15 mm

•Actuation Limits 0.4 to 23 L / Min (factory set – Not field adjustable)

•Max. Working Pr. 15 bar std. 100 bar optional

•Switching Accuracy 2%

•Snap acting micro switch

•Engineering Plastic IP : 55 enclosure

•Application Liquids only




•Models UZ

•Body 394 / 316 SS

•Line Size 15 to 50 mm NB

•Actuation Limits 60 to 600 L / Min.

•Max. Working Pr. 16 bar

•Snap acting micro switch with LED Indication

•Switching Accuracy 3%

•Dial 150 mm Nominal, Scale 270°

•Gauge Case IP : 66 Aluminium

•Application water only


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