Vertical Rice Whitner

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The new design VTA machine improvises on existing design and incorporates various improvements to suit long grain milling in a gentle manner. Most suited for sensitive steamed rice for higher yields and parboiled rice for low temperature milling.


Significant Feature:


Gentle milling:

  • The new design VTA ensures gentle milling of brown rice over a larger milling surface in the machine. This helps in attaining a greater whiteness per brake of VTA in process.


Improved Bran Dissipation and Temperature Control:

  • The improved bran dissipation in the milling chamber ensures greater and quicker removal of bran from the screen. The improved design of air circulation inside the milling chamber ensures better temperature control thereby helping in retaining the characteristics of rice during milling.


Automation of VTA:

  • The new VTA is also equipped with many optional features which enables the machine to integrate seamlessly with the plant automation providing a remote and automatic operation of mill.


MODEL NO: VTA5GM-T / 10GM-T / 12GM-T / 15GM-T / 20GM-T



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