Length Grader

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Satake Length Grader, indented cylinder type, separates one or two kinds of broken or shorter grain from whole grain by length. Broken grain or shorter grain which is more than half of whole grain in length can not separate from whole grain by a sieve or thickness/width grader. Accordingly, this type machine is must for rice millers and seed makers who wish to obtain the high quality products. The stocks fed into the indented cylinder are taken up by the indents of the rotating cylinder. The grain longer in length drops out of indents on their way to reach the catch trough and the grain remaining in the indents are thrown into catch trough.



• Easy assembly/disassembly or operation is ensured through its compact design, light body and simple construction.

• The grain flow-down pipes are equipped with the sampling outlets capable of sampling grain at each stage.

• The degrees of separation of grain can be observed from the inspection windows.

• Direct-coupled geared motors are used for less maintenance, instead of belt or chain drive system.




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