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Satake Corporation Japan, designed and developed a new advanced innovative technology in Grain Sorting with its Super Sorter Machine-SSM series. It accurately removes discolored grains and mineral impurities (such as glass) from rice or any other grain. With improving standard of living, the foreign material mixed in food is now the major concern for consumer. Safety and hygiene are of paramount consideration by the industry. Satake now provides a technology to address these concerns and raise standards of quality for furnished products.


Satake brings the latest Digital Image Processing technology for grain sorting. This sorter adopts High Resolution CCD Sensors together with NIR (near infra red) camera as an option for removing foreign impurities.


It’s high precision, high rate of finished products and minimum rejection makes it the best choice for a quality conscious customer.


Salient Features:-

  • High precision CCD camera with NIR (near infra red) camera.
  • Innovative technology of Reverse Sorting, which can be used in any chute, to sort with better sorting efficiency. This makes it a versatile Color Sorter for various commodities.
  • Newly designed patented ejectors for accurate firing at higher speeds and ensuring safe and reliable performance for years.
  • Remote desktop feature which enables control from a Centralized Control Room. Remote operation is now made easy.
  • Auto Florescent lamps calibration, while the machine is being operated.


Hundreds of varieties with a history log of 600 alarms and operations can be stored for records and information.


MODEL NO: SSM3001-5001



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