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Satake Corporation , Japan has innovated many new technologies for sorting grains for various contamination levels and types.


SATAKE RMGS machines are available in 564, 844 and 1404 series which has created a new dimension to sorting applications. These are equipped with a new design of high powered CCD sensors and NIR sensors for an accurate sensing and minimum rejection.


These wonder machines are capable of sorting transparent glass, ceramic, stones, foreign material and discolored product mixed with the good products.


RMGS can efficiently sort various gains like Pulses, Rice Wheat ,seeds, Spices etc.


The Series is equipped with state-of-art DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING for Product Center detection and Centre- Ejection function which increases sorting performance and reduces contamination rates, both of bad grains in products and good grains in secondary Rejected grains.


Significant Feature:


RMGS-DIS is also powered with another marvel of technology - a well-thought and first time innovative use of Reverse Sorting Technology for RESORT CHANNELS ! This helps in achieving very High Rejection Ratio of as high as 90% or so.


The Newly designed High Speed patented ejectors for precision firing at higher speeds facilitate removal of the varying defects thereby ensuring high standards of performance for years.

Simple And Easy Operation:


The machine has new, larger color Touch Screen user interface which is working with Windows XP operating system. The operation is easy to understand and is more user friendly for the customer. The Control is divided into following three levels


  • Operator level
  • Supervisor level
  • Makers engineer level


The levels are password protected and provide flexible and controlled interface for easier operation and better Reliability.


MODEL NO: RMGS 564/ 844 / 1404



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