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Satake Corporation, Japan - a pioneer in manufacturing Color Sorters for more than 50 years have designed a very special Color Sorter for Inline using by smaller units of grain handling and processing.


SATAKE GS series is available in 2940, 5880, 8820, 11760 versions based on sorting channels. It achieves remarkable performance with multi- grain sorting. This machine is equipped with the High Resolution CCD sensors enabling for sensing subtle defects and light discolored grains for various commodities.


GS series is an economical and perfect solution for small and medium capacity mills where a color sorter can be used either inline or separately in sorting and grading sections.The new software is pre – programmed for making operation much simpler, eliminating fluctuation of sorting performance due to human error. The sorting performance is maintained for longer periods without the need for intensive adjustment by an operator.


MODEL NO: GS 2940/ 5880/ 8820/ 11760



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